Specialization in the theme based marriages & traditional marriages

The entire family is very pleased to have worked with you. You are generous and supportive. Monika and I are glad to have you known and worked with you. You have given us the best gift as unforgettable royal theme for our wedding. Ashish & Monika
I don't know where to begin. Thank you so much for professional planning of our memorable day. You did a wonderful job. Your patience and professionalism were excellent. Alok & Meghna
Thank you so much for all your hard work at my wedding. Your wedding management was remarkable. You are so sweet & honest. Anish & Swati
We just want to write and say thank you for everything you did and all of your help with our wedding! Your experience (and great ideas!) helped make the day so wonderful and enjoyable for us - and everyone! We've gotten so many compliments and most of it is due to you. Thanks so much! Shirish & Ritul
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Our Services

Ginger Events provides all round services to its clients with well experienced and functional-specialized dedicated team in the field of Wedding Management, Wedding Planning, Theme Based Weddings Planning, Traditional Weddings, Party Planning, Royal Weddings, Exclusive Destination Weddings etc.

With over 10 years of experience in providing top quality and high profile weddings, we understand the importance of the small touches that makes any wedding special. Whether it’s creating a brand new concept, scouting the ideal location, designing the best venue plan or simply straightening your standard on event day - we understand that every element of a wedding impacts your status and end result. It is this attention to detail - large and small - that sets us apart from other Wedding Management Companies.

Ginger Events is completely engaged in the wedding management services. As one stop-solution for Wedding Management, we are taking care of everything after discussing with the clients the complex details involved in the execution of the wedding event. Our professionals and experts of wedding management study the intricacies of the wedding and trying to translate the visions of the clients as described, so to make them more satisfied.

At Ginger Events, we judge that every Wedding has its own uniqueness. So we have broadly categorized our services into divisions, to be looked after by experts in each field. We help you in wedding planning, wedding theme selction, scheduling, accommodation arrangements, program flow, food and beverage requirements, audio-visual needs with uniform pricing and payment programs for particular service.

Theme Based Weddings / Theme Weddings

When you want to tie the nuptial knot? Is it during winter, Spring, autumn, Summer, or Fall? With the help of a theme a wedding ceremony can be made more unique and memorable.

The latest trend that has come in fashion to make a wedding ceremony special is a ’theme wedding concept’. Basically, a theme wedding is arranging and execution every aspect of a wedding based on a particular theme. Theme wedding is the new concept which has hit the Indian marriage market recently and is rapidly catching up. Theme weddings are nothing but a different approach to celebrating your wedding. With the help of a theme a wedding ceremony can be made more unique and memorable. This is because you blend the elating reality with wild fantasy. The concept is pretty popular in the West and has managed to attract couples from India as well. Moreover, theme weddings are more engaging both for the guests and the host, as they experience something avant-garde keeping the traditional values intact.

Tradition Based Weddings / Traditional Weddings

Traditional marriage ceremonies differ in accordance with factors like culture, tradition, religion, region and faith. It's after all the union of the two souls, which is blessed by the Lord as well as the elders of the family and society.

India is the motherland of people belonging to diverse traditions, religions, castes and communities. In fact, they even speak different languages and belong to different cultures. This diversity is even noticeable in the customs and traditions of the people. To cite an example, Indian weddings are celebrated with the same passion all over the place, though their way of conduct is different. Traditional marriage ceremonies differ in accordance with factors like tradition, religion, region and faith.

Wedding Planner / Wedding Management

As a wedding Planner, you assume several roles simultaneously, be it of a visuelizer, planner, organizer, Facilitator, mediater, budget-manager, executer or any other aspect concerned with wedding.

A Wedding planner is one who has anything and everything to do with your wedding day celebrations. A wedding planner not only visualizes and plans in advance but also organizes and executes the event with perfection and attention to minutest of details being taken care of with almost patience and a hospitable and people friendly attitude. Its not only bride or groom that a wedding consultant has to deal with but with each and every relative or friend that one can imagine.