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The entire family is very pleased to have worked with you. You are generous and supportive. Monika and I are glad to have you known and worked with you. You have given us the best gift as unforgettable royal theme for our wedding. Ashish & Monika
I don't know where to begin. Thank you so much for professional planning of our memorable day. You did a wonderful job. Your patience and professionalism were excellent. Alok & Meghna
Thank you so much for all your hard work at my wedding. Your wedding management was remarkable. You are so sweet & honest. Anish & Swati
We just want to write and say thank you for everything you did and all of your help with our wedding! Your experience (and great ideas!) helped make the day so wonderful and enjoyable for us - and everyone! We've gotten so many compliments and most of it is due to you. Thanks so much! Shirish & Ritul
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Arya Samaj Weddings / Arya Samaj Wedding Customs

Arya Samaj wedding and traditional rituals
The Indian Arya Samaj Weddings has a number of features, the most significant of them all is the simplicity followed in this wedding. Unlike other types of marriages, this wedding is not profligate in terms of the decoration and other ceremonies. is delighted to provide an insight to Arya Samaj Wedding and the Aryan community Customs, traditions and rituals...

India offers a plethora of wedding customs and traditions. These nuptial rituals keep varying from one religion to another. But there are people who don’t want to go through all these and they decides to have a simple form of marriage to tie the nuptial knots, Arya Samaj Weddings are ideal for those. These weddings are known for their simplistic and high spiritual quotient.

The Arya Samaj marriages are known for its simplicity. This form of wedding has very few rites to be performed, but its simplicity doesn't diminish its significance. The weddings performed with chanting of Vedic mantras and its meaning deciphered to the couples so that they can absorb the essence of marriage. The Arya Samaj weddings could be an option to people of other religions as well.

The Arya Samaj Weddings are based on the teachings of Swami Dayanand Saraswati, the legendary founder of Arya Samaj. According to his teachings- return towards Vedas -these weddings are held as per ancient Hindu culture prescribed in Vedas. It is one of the reasons; the Arya Samaj Weddings are confined to Hindu community only. The wedding ceremony is organized in accordance with the ancient Vedas. A typical Arya Samaj wedding is quite a modest one and is not characterized by profligate ceremonies. In this type of a nuptial, no particular deity is worshipped but rather there is the Pooja of Panchtatvas, the basic five elements earth, fire, water, air and ether.

An Arya Samaj marriage is in accordance with the Arya Marriage Validation Act XIX of 1937. The priests complete the ritual and interpret the meanings of the Vaidic chants to the wedding couple so that they are enlightened with the importance of marriage and also about living together for the lifetime.

As it is obvious, arranging a marriage ceremony based on beach wedding themes is not as easy as it appears. This dream has it own pros and cons and problems can be surpassed with scrupulous planning. So it needs enough knowledge and advance preparations. You have to plan carefully to make this ceremony - a once in a life experience- a grand success.

Arya Samaj Traditions, Rituals and Customs:
Some of the rituals performed during the Indian Arya Samaj Weddings are special. Some of these unique Rituals performed in Arya Samaj Weddings in India are Madhuparka, Shilarohan, Parikrama, Pani Grahan, and others. In the Madhuparka ritual, the bride offers the groom water three times and then the groom takes the Madhuparka, which is made of curds, cream, and honey. After offering the mixture to the almighty, the groom eats Prasadam. In the Panigrahan ritual, the groom holds the hands of his bride and recites mantras and promises to stay by her side in all circumstances.

The Indian Arya Samaj Weddings has a number of features, the most significant of them all is the simplicity followed in this wedding. Unlike other types of marriages, this wedding is not profligate in terms of the decoration and other ceremonies. Getting the glimpse of Polestar or the Dhruvnakshatra - as it is said- by the couple equip them with capability to stay together like this star, which remains always in the sky. offers online information and details about Arya Samaj Weddings.

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